Aquaponic Fish Food


Aquaponic Australian Native Freshwater Fish Food is All Natural, Made in SA, Aquaorganic® Specially Formulated for fish and plant health in aquaponics. Post or Collect.

Purchase online then click here to arrange a time to Collect feed  from Lewiston, South Australia,  (collection address & contact number will appear on your purchase receipt)

Aquaponics – it’s more than plumbing! Get into the science. Care for your fish. Enjoy DIY food.

* 1.8mm Semi-Floating * 3mm Sinking * 5mm Semi-Sinking *



Fish Food For aquaponics, Australian Native Freshwater Fish. Post or Collect.

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It’s All Natural food grade ingredients, No GMO, No land animal ingredients, No artificial colours or preservatives.

Our proprietary food is made to order using our specifications and has the correct balance of nutrients for the combination of Australian Native Freshwater Fish and plants in Aquaponic Systems. 


Small Mouth Fish: Silver Perch etc. size

<150mm:feed 1.8mm Semi-Floating

<300mm:feed 3mm Sinking

>500mm:feed 5mm Semi-Sinking

Large Mouth Fish: Trout/Murray Cod etc. size

<100mm: 1.8mm Semi-Floating

>100mm: 3mm Sinking

>200mm: 5mm Semi-Sinking

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! Get Healthy And Go Natural Our Aquaorganic® pelleted fish feed is not at the local pet shops. Save $$$$$ buying direct with us as we commercially manufacture and ship to you Australia wide.

Here’s What Other People Are Saying:
“I am amazed with the Aquaorganic® all natural fish feed, it was like giving Smacko’s to my fish, they love the natural taste, if they were dogs, I’m sure they’d learn tricks!”

“I’ve never been more happy with how my system works. The fish seem happy and the plants are looking so strong and healthy, I love it.”

“I was really skeptical at first because it’s near impossible to find a natural food for Australian native fish. Thanks to the team at #1Aquaponics, they’ve put a run on the board!”

The Science
We source the best non-GMO feed ingredients available to us. South Australia is the only state in Australia that’s currently GM FREE and we’d like to keep it that way. Steam extruded manufacturing for our floating pellet range gives better digestibility so it won’t sink into the depths of your tanks. We also have a sinking diet for fussy and more timid fish.

The Benefits
We called our company #1Aquaponics for a reason. Since 1996, we have been an Australian leader in ALL THINGS aquaponics, not just leading our industry from the front & driving the sector forward, but giving back the things that mean the most to all of us… the planet and all that is on it. Helping us make a better world for a healthier future.

Yes, My Fish And I Want To Try This Feed NOW  Take Action – You Won’t Regret It!

Make your aquaponic friends wish they were feeding their fish with Aquaorganic® all natural fish food. Watch your fish going ‘whacko’ while they smack down their food!


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