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Hydroponics + Aquaculture

Aquaponics 101 is all you need to learn about how hydroponics and aquaculture combine to create aquaponics. We are in the business of sustainable food production and can give you all the information you need before you dive in! Your fish deserve to live in the environment that is suitable for them; all fish are not the same! Different species require different conditions to survive and thrive. Water quality and temperature is a major factor in fish mortality, it is important to educate yourself with reliable information before you start, not trust the varying opinions of the latest self-professed internet guru.

We have prepared this course based on what everyone needs to know about aquaponics to a level that will arm most people with enough information not to be dangerous. Invest a little in yourself before forking out for an IBC, plumbing and a fair bit of hit and miss.

We prefer to send our fingerlings to a safe environment – not to a premature death by being baked in a thin plastic tub or have their gills fried by water that is an acid pH level, or fed chicken pellets/cheap goldfish food filled with artificial colouring, flavouring and animal offal, or poisoned, mistreated etc.

Please learn about aquaponics before starting. It may be your hobby, but it’s our profession. We’ve done the education, the measured experimenting, the engineering and the building over 20+ years so we know what we are doing, we have what you need to know and the right information is valuable! We need to pay our bills too, so please respect our experience, our business and be prepared to pay for quality, reliable education. We are not Government funded, we can not bulk bill and just like any other specialist, we are not free!

So we have prepared this information so that all your questions are answered and you will not call us expecting to be told in five minutes why your fish are dying or your dodgy IBC internet plan system is malfunctioning or how to rectify some other aquaponic emergency!
Aquaponics 101. Buy this course today. Then, when you think you know enough, buy the Aquaponics 102.

By the way, if you look closely at the last picture you will see Prince Albert of Monaco standing outside one of our systems that we built last year. It’s still growing outstanding fresh produce and healthy fish beautifully and all the people running it were trained with the Aquaponics 101. Before you ask, it’s on a DVD because it’s too big for online. That should give you a hint that our competitors online courses do not contain a fraction of what is on ours.

Buy Aquaponics 101 because we’re worth it, you’re worth it, your health is worth it.

aquaponic system Prince Albert of Monaco
Prince Albert of Monaco visits our aquaponic system
Aquaponics School Australia