Native Fish Feed

All Natural aquaorganic® Native Fish Food, made in South Australia. No GMO, no artificial anything, quality ingredients for optimum fish health and growth. Specifically formulated for edible native fish in aquaponic systems.

Master Test Kit

Specifically made for Aquaponic Systems – all the tests you need to maintain correct water quality and diagnose issues in your Aquaponic System. Alkalinity 10 – Ammonium IND – Calcium 10 – Iron PHE – Nitrate NED – Nitrite NED – pH 4.5-9.0 – Potassium TPB

Aquaorganic Systems

Our own designed, tried, tested & tasted aquaorganic® Food Systems. Solid, long-lasting, food-grade components. Robust, proven systems that produce an abundance of quality, fresh, healthy food for every sized family.

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